The Challenge we won!

The Little Box Challenge competition launched a global call to shrink a classical inverter down to something smaller than a small laptop, with a power density of 50 W/in3 or greater; the smallest solution will win.

Challenge Accepted!!

Red Electrical Devil Team by CE+T Power

Our powers

25 years

CE+T power consistently shrinks the size of modular inverters since the early 90’s.


By combining all power conversion possibilities (rectifier, inverter and DC/DC) with a storage capability, they came up with the next generation of AC backup technology.

What we do already

The Media modular inverter already pack an industry leading 580W/liter of power density.

Meet our Little Box, little sister of Bravo & Media

Thanks Google|IEEE!

Google’s plan

They could use it for electric cars, solar energy or even a greener Internet. We will see.

CE+T Power’s plan

This challenge has clearly allowed us to innovate again, but without traditional market constraints! It was refreshing!

New company: CE+T Energrid

We are working hard to turn these findings into a market-fit solution, and therefore founded a new dedicated company called CE+T Energrid.

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