The Challenge we won!

The Little Box Challenge competition launched a global call to shrink a classical inverter down to something smaller than a small laptop, with a power density of 50 W/in3 or greater; the smallest solution will win.

Challenge Accepted!!

Red Electrical Devil Team by CE+T Power

Our powers

25 years

CE+T power consistently shrinks the size of modular inverters since the early 90’s.


By combining all power conversion possibilities (rectifier, inverter and DC/DC) with a storage capability, they came up with the next generation of AC backup technology.

What we do already

The Media modular inverter already pack an industry leading 580W/liter of power density.

Meet our Little Box, little sister of Bravo & Media

Thanks Gooogle|IEEE!

Out of the Box

This challenge has clearly allowed us to innovate again, but without traditional market constraints! It was refreshing!

Google’s plan

They could use it for electric cars, solar energy or even a greener Internet… We will see…

CE+T Power’s plan

We will definitely work hard to turn these findings into a market-fit solution.

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